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The Faculty Search Committee Tutorial
Embracing Diversity, Building a Great Institution

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for agreeing to serve on a faculty search committee. Faculty search committees make decisions that affect the shape of the faculty, and therefore the entire university, for years to come.

Even with the economic downturn, universities are increasingly competing for the same highly accomplished diverse candidates. This revised tutorial is an effort not just to keep pace with our peers in this arena but to have search committee members, and indeed the entire faculty, conversant with the broad spectrum of research and best practices that are proven to attract the best and most diverse faculty candidates.

The tutorial is designed as one component of the informational resources that the university makes available to search committees. I hope that it will inform you, and challenge you to sharpen and intensify your considerable efforts to attract a strong, diverse pool of applicants for faculty openings.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about this tutorial.


Gertrude J. Fraser
Vice Provost for Faculty Recruitment and Retention



"It is important to understand that faculty search committee processes largely reflect the level of commitment to diversity in specific departments, on particular campuses, and in the broader higher education community. Indeed, the search committee processes remain crucial factors in fostering institutional commitment to racial and ethnic diversity in the professoriate.... Such processes not only reflect the larger institutional commitment to diversity but also serve as important signals to current and future job applicants. Institutional core values are projected by such processes."

F.A. Tuitt, M.A.D Sagaria and C.C.V. Turner
Signals and Strategies in Hiring Faculty of Color
Higher Education: Handbook for Theory and Research
2007, Vol. XXII, 424-425


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